How to Open your Course Early for Students (Gloucester)

Gloucester Campus

NEW - Beginning Winter 2023

Beginning Winter 2023, courses will be loaded with a course start date and a course end date, and courses will become available to students based on the Course Start Date.

If you would like to open your course to students before the course start date, you can do so by logging into the course and navigating to COURSE MANAGEMENT >> Control Panel >> Customization >> Properties and navigate to the "Set Course Duration" area. You will see the imported dates listed, and you can adjust them as you like.

For All Semesters Prior to Winter 2023

Some faculty like to open their course to students ahead of the first day of the semester. The eLearning team encourages faculty who are finished preparing their courses to do this, as it allows extra time for students to prepare. This can be especially important for online and hybrid courses, as students are often unsure what is expected of them in a new format.

To open your course early for students, follow the steps below.

  1. Access your course and then scroll down to the Control Panel and click on Customization and then Properties.

  2. Under the section called Set Availability, choose Yes and then click the submit button.

That's it! Once you hit submit, your course is available to your students. You can confirm this by visiting the My Institution or My Courses tab and looking at the course. You will no longer see a "unavailable" message beside the course.


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