Online & Hybrid Course Self-Review Rubric

This self-review rubric for hybrid and online courses (linked below) is designed to be used by an instructor to reflect on the design of their online course. Instructors should feel free to download a copy of the rubric and do a self-review for any or all of their online or hybrid courses.

The rubric is designed with Quality Matters, the Online Learning Consortium, and RCSJ's Best Practices in mind.

The rubric is not a pass/fail exercise that will result in punishment if you don't reach the 85% threshold; instead, the rubric is designed so that instructors can identify areas for improvement. 

The instructions for how to use the rubric are at the top of the document. 

If you need any assistance or clarification about the rubric, you can contact the eLearning Support team at

Click here to access the Online & Hybrid Course Self-Review Rubric

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