Instructors - Uploading Videos to eLearning/Blackboard


We do not allow videos to be uploaded directly to eLearning/Blackboard.

If you are an instructor who wants to post a video for their students, you have a few options:

This is one of our preferred methods, as Zoom provides highly accurate, auto-generated transcripts to help ensure your videos are ADA-compliant.
If you are creating a video yourself, you can use Zoom and record your video to the cloud. 

Once you have recorded your video and ended your Zoom session, you will receive an email with a link to your recording. You can grab the share link and post that in your course for your students.
You can go here for more information on how to record a Zoom session to the cloud.
In the future there will be a policy about how long recordings in Zoom are kept. Once that policy is in place, we will link to it from here.


This is one of our preferred methods, as YouTube provides highly accurate, auto-generated captions to help ensure your videos are ADA-compliant.
You can upload your video to your own YouTube account. (We suggest instructors keep a "for professional use" YouTube account, separate from your personal account.)

We advise that you set it to "unlisted' to prevent strangers from finding the video. The "unlisted' setting allows only those with the direct link to your video to view your video.

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, you have two options. You can either copy the URL and create a link in your course to the video, or you can copy the embed code for the video and embed the video in your course.


You can upload your video to your RCSJ OneDrive.

All RCSJ faculty members (both campuses) have a OneDrive account provided by the College. You can access your OneDrive by logging into the RCSJ Gloucester Portal, and clicking on the OneDrive link found under the My Applications area.

Once you have uploaded your video to your OneDrive, you can click the Share button. We advise that you choose "Anyone with Link" in order to ensure your students will have no issues accessing your video. Finally, copy the URL that is generated and put the link into your course.

Please keep in mind that OneDrive does not caption your videos, so they are not ADA-compliant.

If you need assistance with any of the information provided above, please reach out to 

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