Known Issue - "Download Results" in Grade Center Creates File with No Extension in IE and Chrome

Area Affected: Grade Center - Download Results option for test column

Known Issue: Using Google Chrome or IE to Download Results from the Grade Center downloads a file with no extension. This makes it so the user's computer doesn't know how to open the file. 

Work Around: You can manually add the extension to the file name. You can add .csv or .xls at the end of the file name and the file will then be recognized as a file that can be opened in Excel. Users can also try to use Mozilla Firefox or Safari to download the file.

Enhancement Request: N/A

Targeted Fix: Blackboard has said they will not fix this issue.

Blackboard Article Number: 000040695

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Tue 8/16/16 9:56 AM
Thu 5/23/19 1:17 PM