Instructors - START AND END DATES IN BBOARD - How do I open my course early? How do I allow students to access my course past the end date?

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Courses are loaded with a course start date and a course end date. The start date comes from Banner when the course is first loaded into eLearning, so keep in mind that if a course date changes after it has been loaded into Bboard (like when a course is turned into a late-start course), the dates won't update automatically.

Beginning Fall 2023, courses automatically open to students on the course start date (at 12:01am) and courses will automatically close to students on the course end date + 14 days (at midnight). These dates flow out of Banner and may not be the date you expect them to be, so you should always double check the dates and change them as needed.

If you would like to check your course dates, open your course early, or allow students to access your course beyond the end of the course, you will need to edit these dates.

To view the dates associated with your course, or to change your course's Start Date or End Date, go into the course and navigate to COURSE MANAGEMENT >> Control Panel >> Customization >> Properties and navigate to the "Set Course Duration" area. You will see the imported dates listed, and you can adjust them as you like.

Please note that when a course remains open past its end date, the course remains on your students' Current Courses page. This is generally fine, but keep in mind how cluttered a student's Current Courses page might get if you keep all your courses open indefinitely. 

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