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How to open or close your course early, or allow students to access the course beyond the end date of the course.
How to move content from one course into another course.
An introduction to Ultra Base Navigation and how it will impact instructors at RCSJ.
How to import the Information Literacy quizzes and workbooks into your eLearning course.
Beginning May 11, 2022, all eLearning/Blackboard courses will be limited to 1gb (gigabyte) in size (1gb = 1,024mb). This applies to both campuses.
Information on how your courses are organized and how you can find courses you're looking for. Also explains how to favorite or hide courses, as desired.
How to force eLearning to display in the full desktop mode, as opposed to the mobile view.
How to create a backup of your course.
Always use Google Chrome when accessing eLearning.
The Module Overview Template is provided to you for you to use in your online course(s).
Step-by-step instructions for how to create a Content Area in your course.
eLearning recommends instructors DO NOT use the Force Completion option when setting up an exam.