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How to import the Information Literacy quizzes and workbooks into your eLearning course.
How to make your late start course unavailable to students until the first day of the class.
How to open your course to students ahead of the first day of class.
Step-by-step instructions for how to add a Tool Link to your course menu.
How to move content from one course into another course.
Beginning May 11, 2022, all eLearning/Blackboard courses will be limited to 1gb (gigabyte) in size (1gb = 1,024mb). This applies to both campuses.
RCGC's statement regarding using mobile devices for eLearning.
Find out about DEV shells. What are they? What are they used for?
Always use Google Chrome when accessing eLearning.
How to get LightScribe PDF files to play in Google Chrome.
If you receive an error when logging into eLearning, read this article to figure out how to fix your issue.
Blackboard has transitioned from Crocodoc to New Box View, a tool that continues to allow faculty to view and annotate submissions from students via the Assignments tool.