Instructors - How do I transfer content from one course to another? (Gloucester)

Gloucester Campus

NOTE: Prior to August 29, 2019, we advised faculty to do an export/import process. Now that we have moved to the cloud version of Blackboard, we are recommending a more direct Course Copy process, detailed below.


Transferring content from one course into another course

  1. Log into eLearning.

  2. Click into the course that has the content you’d like to move.

  3. Go to: Control Panel >> Packages and Utilities >> Course Copy

  4. Under the area called “Select Copy Type” choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

  5. Next, under the Select Copy Options area, click on the Browse button beside Destination Course ID. 

  6. A window will pop up displaying all courses you are currently enrolled in as an instructor. Find the course you want to copy your content into and select the small button beside it. Then click the Submit button at the bottom right.

    **Note: There is a search box at the top of the page. If you want to use that to make things easier to find, put the term in the search box (use this format: Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2020) and choose "name/description" then click SEARCH. This should limit your results to make it easier to find your course.

  7. After clicking the submit button in the previous step, you'll be taken back to the previous page. The next step is to select what content you'd like to copy across to your new course. Generally you'll want to click the Select All option to ensure everything copies over completely. 

  8. Next, you'll want to UN-CHECK anything you don't want to copy forward. Below are a few items you may want to consider:
  • Under the Content Areas section, you may want to un-check the boxes next to the RCSJ Student Resources and How-to Video Tutorials since those are from the previous semester. Each semester new resources are automatically loaded into your course.
  • You may want to un-check Announcements, especially if your Announcements from your old course are still available to students.
  • Under Discussion boards, you will see that you have two options. If you leave it set to default, it will copy all DB posts, including student posts, from your old course to your new one. If you'd rather include only the forums without any posts from students, choose the second option.
  1. Under the File Attachments area, the default option of Copy links and copies of the content is the correct option.

  2. Under the Enrollments area, do not make any changes. The Include Enrollments in the Copy should remain unselected.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button. This will queue up the course copy process. Once it's complete, you'll receive an email from the system and you'll see the course content in your new course. 


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