How to Import the Information Literacy Components to your eLearning Course

  1. Before you upload any new Information Literacy content into your course, you will want to make sure you remove all of the old content from your course, if you've copied from a previous semester. This means you should delete the old workbooks, the old tests, and the old columns from your Grade Center. 
  2. Download the .zip file to your computer.
    • This file is sent to you in an email from Chris Herz. You must first save this file to your computer.
    • Make sure you save the file somewhere that makes sense. You will need to find this file again in a later step.
  3. Log into eLearning and go into your eLearning course. (You can click here to watch a video that walks you through steps 4-10. You may need to login with your RCSJ account to view the video.)
  4. Under the Control Panel along the left hand side of your course, click PACKAGES AND UTILITIES >> IMPORT PACKAGE / VIEW LOGS
  5. On this page, click on the Import Package button.
  6. Under the "Select a Package" area, click the Browse my Computer button.
  7. You will get a pop up window asking that you find the file you would like to import. Navigate to where you saved the file in Step 1. Double click the file to select it.
  8. Back in eLearning, under the "Select Course Materials" section, click the Select All button.
  9. At the very bottom or top of the page, click the Submit button.
  10. Be patient. It may take a few seconds or a few minutes to import the information into your course. Do not click the submit button more than once.
    • Once the content has been loaded, you will receive an email notification at your RCSJ email address.
    • To refresh your course and view the newly loaded material, use the browser's refresh button, or leave the course and come back in again.
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