Force Completion Test Setting (Gloucester)

Gloucester Campus

eLearning Support recommends that instructors DO NOT use the Force Completion test option.


More About Force Completion

Force Completion does not do anything specifically helpful, but it does prevent students from getting back in to complete the test if they encounter legitimate connection or computer issues. Force Completion requires an absolutely uninterrupted internet connection throughout the duration of a test attempt, but what most people don't realize is that their internet connection blips in and out quite often. Most people don't recognize this interruption in service because most websites and programs do not require an uninterrupted connection and, through dynamic loading and buffering features, provide the end user with a seamless experience.

Additionally, and of incredible importance, force completion interferes with a student's ability to use a screen reader. Because of the way screen readers work, if Force Completion is turned on, students will be locked out of their exams when they use their screen reader. 


How can I make sure my students sit down and take the test in one attempt without using Force Completion?

If you turn on the timer, set an appropriate amount of time, and turn Auto-Submit ON, your students will have exactly the allotted amount of time to take the test and, whether they are finished or not at the end of the time, the test will submit itself. This ensures that your students take the exam in one attempt because as soon as they begin the exam, the timer will run and the test will submit when time runs out, even if your student closes the window and walks away from the computer.

If you want more security around your test, you might consider creating an authentic assessment that doesn't rely on multiple-choice type questions that are easy for students to look up the answers for, or you may consider using our online proctoring solution: Respondus Monitor & Lockdown Browser

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