Adding a Content Area to your Course Menu (Both Campuses)

Both Campuses

To add most types of content to your course, you will need to create a Content Area on your Course Menu. Content Areas are essentially folders where you can add other types of content. For instance, you could create a Content Area named "Learning Modules," and then within it you could add 15 content folders, one for each week's content.

  1. First, go into your course and locate the Course Menu. Your Course Menu is the bar that displays along the left side of your course. 

  2. To add any type of item to your Course Menu, you begin by clicking on the plus sign (+) at the top left of your course menu.

  3. In this case, the option you want to select is Content Area. Once you select Content Area, you will be given the option to name your Content Area and make it available to users. After you have done this, click the Submit button.

  4. By default, your new Content Area will appear at the bottom of your course menu. You can move this content area up and down your course menu as you like.
  5. Next, click on your newly created Content Area to be taken to it. Then, begin adding content to it as needed. Click Build Content and then choose the type of content you'd like to create. In most cases, you will want to choose Build Content >> File to upload a file from your computer to your course for your students.
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