eLearning/Blackboard Course Size Limit (Both Campuses)

Both Campuses

Beginning May 11, 2022, all eLearning/Blackboard courses will be limited to 1gb (gigabyte) in size (1gb = 1,024mb). This applies to both campuses. 

  • Over the next year, this 1gb limit will be reduced incrementally, first to 750mb and then to 500mb. Communication will be sent out prior to these additional reductions to course size.
This size limit applies only to content uploaded to a course by an instructor. Assignments and other content submitted by students is not included in course size calculations. Students will never encounter an error regarding course size limits.

Course size calculations do not include external content that is embedded or linked in your courses. Some examples of external content include embedded YouTube videos, links out to publisher content, embedded content from your OneDrive, links out to content on your OneDrive, and Zoom recordings saved to the Zoom Cloud.

How can I keep my course size under this limit?

The single best way to ensure your course size stays under this limit is to refrain from uploading videos or other large file types (PowerPoints with video or audio, Photoshop documents, etc.) to Blackboard directly. Instead, upload that content to your RCSJ OneDrive and then link to or embed the content.

OneDrive and Blackboard for Instructors - Instructions for how to upload content to OneDrive and share it in your eLearning course.

How can I check the size of my course?

To help you better manage your course size limit, we will also be enacting a soft course size limit of 850mb (megabytes). If you hit the soft limit of 850mb, you will receive an email alert to your RCSJ email letting you know that you're getting close to your hard limit of 1gb. You will receive this reminder each time you add additional content to your course.

To check the size of your course at any time, first click into your course and then go to the Control Panel. 

From there, the process varies slightly based on campus.

Gloucester Campus: select Files and then click on the Course ID of your course (first screenshot)
Cumberland Campus: select Content Collection and then click on the Course ID of your course (second screenshot)


On the next page, click on the small grey chevron next to your course ID at the top of the page and choose 360 View (screenshot below). 

Finally, in the top section on the page look for where it says Folder Size. The number beside that is the size of your course. (In the screenshot below it says the course is 105.6mb in size).


What happens if I hit the course size limit during a semester?

If you try to add content to your course to the semester and exceed the size limit, you will receive an error (screenshot below).

If you hit the hard limit of 1gb during a semester, you will continue to have access to your course where you can continue to interact with students, grade assignments, etc., but you will no longer be able to upload content.

If you feel that you need the size limit of your course increased, you can fill out the Course Size Increase Request Form and someone from the eLearning team will reach out to you to discuss the situation further. 

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