LiveScribe PDF file not playing with sound and/or video (Both Campuses)

Both Campuses

Google Chrome, the browser we recommend for everyone using Blackboard, has its own built-in PDF viewer so that when you click on a PDF, it can quickly load right there in the window for you. Currently, LiveScribe PDF files (which contain audio and video) do not play correctly using Chrome's PDF viewer.


There are two ways to view LiveScribe PDF files if you are using Google Chrome:

1) Save the PDF file to your computer, then open Adobe Reader, and then open the PDF file. This will force the file to be played via Adobe Reader and not through Chrome's PDF viewer. 

2) You can alternately change a few settings on Google Chrome so that all PDF files open using the Adobe Reader plug-in, instead of the Chrome PDF viewer. To do this, follow the directions below.


How to force PDF files to open using the Adobe Reader plug-in instead of the Chrome PDF Viewer:

1) Open a new Google Chrome window and enter the following information into the address bar: chrome://settings/content

2) This will load the Plug-ins Settings page for Google Chrome. On this page, identify the Chrome PDF Viewer plug-in and the Adobe Reader plug-in. They have been highlighted in the screenshot below. Your list of plug-ins may not match what is in the example, but don't worry. The only two important ones are the two that are highlighted.

3) The key here is to DISABLE the Chrome PDF Viewer plug-in and ENABLE the Adobe Reader plug-in.

4) After you have the settings correct, you will need to close all of your Google Chrome windows in order to restart the browser. Once it has been restarted, you should have no issues viewing the LiveScribe PDF files.

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