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Information on how your courses are organized and how you can find courses you're looking for. Also explains how to favorite or hide courses, as desired.
Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) is coming to both campuses' eLearning/Blackboard systems on May 10, 2023.
This article provides students with some tips for taking a test in eLearning. Please keep in mind that this information should be used to support any additional information provided to a student by their instructor.
Always use Google Chrome when accessing eLearning.
If you receive an error when submitting an assignment, it may be because you have more than 10,000 characters in the Comments box. Make sure you submit your assignment by attaching it, or by typing it into the Submission box.
Students cannot submit an assignment if they are using Apple Safari as their browser.
Students are not able to submit Assignments with Chromebooks. When submitting the Assignment, the file does not upload, and a message is displayed: "No File Chosen."
How to force eLearning to display in the full desktop mode, as opposed to the mobile view.
Courses are not available to students until the first day of the semester.
If you receive an error when logging into eLearning, read this article to figure out how to fix your issue.
How to get LightScribe PDF files to play in Google Chrome.